In the third round of the IDM Superbike championship, the mechanics of team Enemat Enos Motorsport had to face a real test in understanding the BMW superbike as a result of a crash in the first race. Hannes’ Smurf-colored BMW M 1000 RR didn’t quite remain in one piece lying on the gravel. Despite the limited experience—the team has only been using BMW motorcycles since this season—the team managed to get the bike back in race-ready condition. Starting from fourth, Hannes was able to overtake Toni Finsterbusch and finish the second race in third place. “I am very grateful to the guys and first, I owe them a BIG crate of beer,” said Hannes after the award ceremony. “I can’t say that the repaired bike was lacking anything; it was more about my confidence, as I took it much easier after the bike slipped three times in a row at the start of the second race. Falling twice in a row would have been really bad.”

In the first race, also starting from fourth, Soomer took the lead four laps before the finish but fell in the penultimate corner of the last lap while trying to respond to Ilya Mikhalchik’s attack. “I didn’t expect the pace to be so fierce, as Ilya and I were riding about 0.7 seconds faster per lap than last year. Saving the tire didn’t work out, and my rear tire's left side was completely worn out about three laps before the end, making it quite a challenge to maintain my position. When Ilya attacked three corners before the finish, I tried to brake into the next corner with a different racing line to regain the position on the exit, but it was too much for my tire. Overall, I’m angry with myself for falling, but on the other hand, I’m happy because we’ve made progress and shown speed comparable to the best, who have almost a decade of experience with a similar bike. Now it’s time to go home and work hard, but I’ll go to Schleiz (July 26-28) hungrier than ever, and it’s a track I enjoy more than others.”